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Introducing Orbital Reef

Orbital Reef will be the premier mixed-use space station in low Earth orbit for commerce, research, and tourism by the end of this decade.

Welcome to LEO

Low Earth Orbit, Unbound

Designed for use cases and ideas never before possible, Orbital Reef unlocks LEO by reducing cost and complexity for new kinds of customers. We provide end-to-end services, standard interfaces, and technical support needed by space flight novices: planning, payload development, training, transportation, data analysis, and security for your people or payloads (or both).

Opening Space

A Revolution in Space Travel and Commerce

Commercially developed, owned, and operated, Orbital Reef opens doors to new markets and catalyzes the growth of a vibrant space ecosystem. It provides an "address on orbit" for use, lease, or ownership that is international and open to all.


Reimagine Living and Working in Space

Orbital Reef introduces a new type of space architecture. Spacious modules with large Earth-facing windows let travelers take in the beauty of our planet and experience the thrill of weightlessness in complete comfort. Distinct quarters for living and working, and large hatches make a safe, sensible, and inspiring environment.

You will find habitation amenities for any length of visit within our orbital community, supported by medical care and recreation opportunities.

Orbital Innovations

Next-Generation Space Technology

Our research facilities are equipped to accelerate future discoveries and development of new industries. Seamless logistics, advanced robotics, and the Single Person Spacecraft make operations and excursions routine. The Dream Chaser spaceplane, Starliner spacecraft, and New Glenn launch system provide the backbone of cost-effective transportation.

Working on Orbital Reef

Limitless horizons, the freedom of microgravity, the vacuum of space, and over-flying all of Earth’s mid-latitudes offer unique commercial opportunities for a breathtaking range of applications and new markets like media, entertainment, and manufacturing.

Working on Orbital Reef

A Mixed-Use Business Park

Whether film-making in microgravity, opening a space hotel, or conducting cutting edge research, Orbital Reef will lease locations that scale to fit your vision.

We sell only the utilities and services you need to sustain your business: power, cooling, high-bandwidth communications, information and physical security, robotic servicing, technician attention, stowage, and logistics.

Research on Orbital Reef

Out-of-This-World Research Facilities

Orbital Reef provides everything researchers need for fundamental science and applications development: experiment accommodations inside and outside; a spacious laboratory equipped with next-generation shared facilities; technician time; and proprietary provisions, even dedicated, closed-hatch modules. Whether for physical, biological, or Earth science, for new product development, or for testing exploration systems, you’ll find it easier than ever to do your work in orbit.

Space Tourism

Anyone Can Experience Space

Experiencing space flight, and seeing the Earth from space, are life-changing. Floating free and weightless, awed by Earth’s thin blue biosphere, you see sixteen vibrant sunrises and sunsets a day while flying over all of humanity.

We craft flight plans, training, and activities to take your adventure to a new level, whether for a short visit or a longer stay.

Blue Origin and Sierra Space Will Deliver Orbital Reef in this Decade

Our expert team includes Boeing, Redwire Space, Amazon Supply Chain (Amazon) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Genesis Engineering Solutions, and Arizona State University. We combine the capabilities needed to design, develop, build, operate, and support a customer-centric destination in Earth orbit.

Your Address, In Orbit